CAPE League

C.A.P.E. League provides year-round enrichment, serving children and teens with weekly activities, field trips, projects, classes, mentoring, and other opportunities. The mission is to provide youth with the resources, role models, self-esteem, and skills to shape them positively. The League is geared toward youth ages 11-17, from underserved communities, who may not be exposed to or cannot afford to take part in productive and diverse activities. We are an inclusive program open to all youth who wish to welcome new opportunities.


However, we mainly recruit youth classified as “at-risk” within the foster care system; have ADHD, developmental or learning challenges; are experiencing self-esteem, social or behavioral issues; or part of single parent and/or lower-income families. We aim to provide an outlet for stimulating occupation; while presenting activities that educate and enhance them beyond the classroom. Throughout membership, they are introduced to the business of entertainment and sports, as well as the performing, literary, and visual arts.


How We Do it


The program is designed to  fully engage and develop young people utilizing our 12-point curriculum:

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Arts Exposure
  • Athletic Activity
  • Career & College Exploration
  • Civic Involvement
  • Community Outreach & Volunteerism
  • Creative Expression & Discovery
  • Cultural Experiences
  • Personal & Social Growth
  • Self-Esteem Development
  • Travel Exploration
  • Entertainment, Sports & Media Industry Exposure

 Membership includes weekly activities and also consists of the following:


– Tutoring and academic enrichment through the school year & summer

– Structured arts, entertainment, media & sports programming and instruction through the year

– Mentor or mentor groups that address their personal growth and/or professional interests

– Recreational and educational field trips; Out-of-State Trips/ Overnight Member Retreat  

– Annual Arts Project – CAPE Television Show; T-Shirt Business, Arts & Cultural Magazine; CAPE CD, etc.

– Group volunteer activities and community service projects

– Academic, professional, and personal enrichment components (see below)

– Relationships with National Alliance of African American Athletes, Microsoft, Jersey Mike’s, Fit Fathers, Howard University, Lorenzo Alexander/ACES Foundation, National Association of Black Female Executive in Music and Entertainment, and other organizations

– Weekly meals; Monthly Bring a Friend outings

– Fitness or Sports workshops, tracks, or activities


In the effort to be involved with each member’s entire environment, we support their current endeavors, help them find summer jobs and internships, and align them with opportunities outside of the League.

How to Join?

There is a yearly induction of new members.

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