Cape’s Special Projects

To compliment our activities, we aim to employ other positive strategies to keep them engaged and occupied.

CAPE Away: The League values diversity of experience and CAPE Away presents an opportunity for members  to get out of the immediate DC area. These trips are designed to help members experience new environments – but also provide a fun, educational, cultural or service experience. We have been to New York several times  {supply shopping for entrepreneurship projects; Broadways shows (The Lion King and Hairspray); live tapings  of BET’s 106th & Park, etc.}. We have done private workshops at the NFL Headquarters and Essence Magazine.  We had an Annapolis/Baltimore tour –which included visits to four universities, a Disney screening premier,  dinner with an Ohio group and visits to the Baltimore Aquarium and Blacks in Wax museum. We also had a day  long ski-excursion in Pennsylvania.  

CAPE Spring Break: As an extension of CAPE Away, every other year, eligible C.A.P.E. League members go on a  trip that gives them the opportunity for long-distance travel and a special experience. We treated the kids to a  sports/academic conference in Los Angeles – where we toured the city, did an NFL camp, attended an awards  ceremony, volunteered for the conference, and met various professionals and pro-athletes. High school  members enjoyed a week-long college tour from Virginia to Florida, visiting 8 institutions. Most recently. CAPE  League kids took a week-long retreat to San Francisco/Oakland hosted by Oakland Raider, Lorenzo Alexander  that explored every element of C.A.P.E. The kids enjoyed a multi-faceted trip that included: ∙ A private tour/ workshop at Facebook/Instagram’s headquarters (Professional Growth)

– A live Golden State Warriors game (Sports)

– College visits to UC Berkeley and California College of the Arts (Education)

– Pizza party to celebrate youth at a local homeless shelter (Community Outreach)

– An Alvin Ailey dance performance (Arts)

– A fun outing to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Social Interaction/Development

– A visit to the Lawrence Hall of Science (STEAM)

– League Talk Session/Group Dinners (Personal Enrichment)

– Lorenzo’s Charity Celebrity Bowling Tournament (Civic Involvement)

– Fisherman’s Wharf/Bay Area tour (Cultural)

– Visit to the Disney Museum (Entertainment)

Career Days: PBM presents quarterly career days, via PBM’s Exploring Possibilities, that expose members and  other DC youth to professionals in various careers. In this program, guests talk to kids about their job, followed by a panel or workshop related to the workforce. They also get to network with the professionals over lunch.

College Prep and Exploration: CAPE League began its college series with one-day visits to colleges and  universities in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware. This component also includes college fairs,  informational sessions and special programs to explore post-secondary education. Most recently, we partnered  with an organization to provide SAT test prep to our high school members.

Educational Enhancement Programming: In summer 2014, CAPE League launched a permanent initiative to  engage members in STEAM. The element kicked off with a Microsoft partnership – which allowed the kids to  visit the DC office for the day and take part in classes for Powerpoint, digital media, game coding, etc. The kids  are also participating in science festivals, automotive projects and urban farming activities. In 2016, we will  also bring back the Tutoring Club from September to December to give our members help in their various  school subjects. In order to help our kids learn beyond the classroom, we will also have workshops series and lessons in academic or other areas that they may not be possible to pursue at school. These have included and will  include: Entrepreneurship, Capoeira, Painting, Book Club, Culinary Arts, etc.Our enrichment series are designed to help members gain skills, interests and education that would provide even more new options. A  series revolves around a particular field or (from 3-10 sessions). A curriculum may include classes, workshops,  field trips, panel discussions and/or meeting with related professionals. 

Group Arts and Long-Term Projects: Each year, members work on a special project as a group. The project  serves as a learning opportunity, chance for members to enhance their skills, and an occasion to build self-

esteem, team spirit, leadership qualities and sense of accomplishment. The kids also took classes with the  National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship to create business plans and establish their own small  businesses – they were even given capital to start up. From 2013-2014, the kids wrote, produced, performed,  marketed and sold their own CD – which involved studio visits, being on a radio station, writing sessions, and  performing for an NFL VIP suite. They most recently completed an Arts & Culture Magazine which allowed  them to conduct interviews, enjoy real life red carpets, have photography lessons, participate in Washington  Post workshops, and sell ads/copies for their magazine. In 2016, they will launch the CAPE TV project where  they will create, produce and film their own CAPE reality show.

GYSD/CAPE League Feeds DC: In addition to our regular service projects, CAPE members engage in one large community project called CAPE League Feeds DC in celebration of Global Youth Service Day. In this project,  members design and manage the activity geared towards using food to serve the community. We most recently diversified our efforts with a Fun & Field Day produced by the CAPE kids for group home and homeless youth

Program Perks & Points: To keep members motivated, the League offers “perks” to celebrate behaviors we  value. Perks include movie passes, concert tickets, gift certificates and special opportunities, etc. Members gain  points throughout the year to gain these perks or for various activities/projects. 

Research and Short Term Projects: Each member is also guided to do research or educational projects; i.e.  Women’s & Black History Presentations, Vision Board projects, an Obama related project, Smithsonian  Scavenger Hunts, International Food Fair and International Non-Profits projects. In the past, we’ve done a  talent show (with classes from Washington Improv Theater) and ran a CAPE Mall (where kids had their own  stores for four Saturdays).

Mentoring & Gender-Based Programming: In our effort to expose members to positive adults, we  incorporate the presence of role models into our programming. Members also enjoy quarterly Guys Day/Gals Day – where they spend quality time with their gender group and experience programming designed to talk,  encourage and empower.

Summer Programming: Each summer, CAPE League continues to provide Saturday programming. However,  we also partner with existing weekday summer programs which CAPE members are eligible to participate  with; without further fees or applications. This allows members to have opportunities to interact with other  programs as a group, and helps guarantee them summer activity. We also assist in finding jobs and internships.