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C.A.P.E. League

Join A Multi-Faceted, Enrichment and Educational Program for Youth Interested in the Arts, Entertainment, Sports or Media!!

C.A.P.E. is an acronym for components of the League and what we focus activities on:

  • C – Community, Cultural and Civic Engagement
  • A – Arts, Entertainment, & Sports Involvement
  • P – Personal Enrichment & Social Development
  • E – Educational, STEAM & Professional Growth
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C.A.P.E. League is a year-round program for youth (ages 11-17) which provides weekly activities to its members. Activities include academic enrichment, arts projects, athletic activity, college prep, cultural field trips, development workshops, entertainment, local/long-distance travel, sporting events, social outings, & more.

This year, The "League" offers:

  • Exposure to arts, entertainment, and media programming

CAPE Away: NYC Excursion Series; Local trips – 2018 trip to Buffalo, NY with Buffalo Bills player, Lorenzo Alexander; 2019 Ski Trip

  • Virtual Reality series: We will be working with Facebook and their Oculus VR systems to learn using interactive technology

Financial Literacy series: CAPE will be opening savings accounts for each members while teaching about money *NEW

  • CAPE 2– During COVID, we started afterschool sessions via Zoom!

Monthly Career Exploration Days

  • College Tours and other college exploration activities

Affiliations w/ National Alliance for African American Athletes, Fit Fathers/Automotive Rhythms, Jersey Mike’s, Microsoft, Facebook and more

  • Future Fund provides an annual gift to HS juniors, seniors & graduates for use towards that which can help them realize future goals: college books, art supplies, training classes, business applications, etc. *NEW

Bi Annual Retreat trip – Last retreat we went to Atlanta, GA – visited movies studios, Georgia Aquarium, Stone Mountain Park, radio station, Top Golf, and more; (2016 – San Francisco);

  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Component

Annual Entrepreneurship Project – CAPE T-Shirt company

  • Quarterly Fitness or Sports workshops or activities


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CAPE League meets, at least, three Saturdays per month, with special weekday and bonus weekend activities! We are currently virtual, but will soon move to live sessions. You may submit your application by email to: CAPELeague@powerfulbeyondmeasure-cape.org


The C.A.P.E. League is supported by Powerful Beyond Measure, sponsoring companies, and individual donors. For more info about the League, please contact us at 202-631-7331 or tracypress@powerfulbeyondmeasure-cape.org.