Exploring Possibilities

Virtual career days open to youth nationwide to inspire them to learn about careers or fields that they may not know exist or how to pursue, with presentations and interactions with related professionals.

A Glimpse into Interesting Careers through Gifted Professionals

Exploring Possibilities is a series of “Career Days”, where professionals share their experiences and present their  career to enlighten youth about the various paths they can take. Powerful Beyond Measure presents this event,  each quarter, to expose youth to adults in 5-6 different professions. At lunchtime, the professionals come together  to network with attendees. Additionally, each episode features: a workshop that incorporates the theme, a session  on job/career preparedness, a group panel about a particular industry or fun/creative activity for youth to enjoy.

Mission: To provide a vehicle for youth in the DC metro area to be exposed to various professions that may  generate their interest, inspire them to create goals and guide them towards successful futures.<br>

Purpose: Exploring Possibilities will show young people that exciting careers are within the scope of reality, by  introducing them to professionals who are succeeding in various fields. The series will counter the limited scope  of professional options youth may see, and open them to a myriad of occupations to pursue in the future. By  showing them these possibilities, they will hopefully see a brighter future for themselves and make decisions that  will propel them towards a professional goal.<br>

Execution: For each Career Day, we invite 3-4 other youth non-profits or programs, to benefit from the  information given. The non-profits chosen are based on their mission and activities, as it falls in line with the  theme of the event. Other participants are welcome to come. The program is free to all participants. We also try  to provide materials and giveaways for attendees.

The series began in November 2006 and continues quarterly:

– Exploring Possibilities Launch: A Glimpse into Interesting Careers 

– Doing It for Yourself: Entrepreneurs in Exciting Fields

– It’s Showtime!! The Eclectic World of the Performing Arts 

– You Make Me Better: Health and Wellness Careers

– Exploring Possibilities: A Celebration of African American Leadership

– The Point of it All: Opportunities in the Visual Arts

– Stacking Benjamins: Legal Professions that Rake in the Cash

– It’s Not Just a Game: The Makings of the Sports Industry

Previous/Future Programs

The episode will focus on the music  and radio industries. Our sponsors/partners thus far include the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences/Grammy  DC Chapter. Presenters will include a radio personality, a record label marketing rep, a producer, a concert promoter, an artist and a Grammy rep. 

This episode will feature fields that many  want to enter – but have limited access or are not widely available. Our partner is the Spy Museum. Presenters may include: a  CIA/FBI agent; A&R rep; museum curator/director; state/national political figure; buyer/personal shopper; or UN rep. The  workshop will focus on job preparedness: interviewing skills, appropriate presentation and networking.

This episode will explore careers in  writing and professions that allow kids to pursue interests within the literary arts. The workshop will be creative writing – focusing on blending creativity with technical construction and grammatical skills

This will focus on careers in nonprofits, public  service and hospitality – for youth that are interested in serving others. The special activity will allow youth participants to  build dry food Thanksgiving boxes for families.

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